DARS 1500

HISS has developed the DARS 1500 (Deployment and Retraction System) for fixed wing aircraft,
it allows deployment of large turrets while ensuring rigidity for stability and performance of
long range surveillance sensor systems.

All Components are MIL-STD and environmentally sealed for safe operation in explosive atmospheres. Its Dual DC motor system provides the essential high reliability required for ensuring dependable, repeatable deployment and retraction in all flight modes and conditions.

The DARS 1500 includes a DZUS mounted elevator control unit, which can be
customized for specific applications.

It can also be used with HISS' deployment Control Unit (DCU), which uses the aircraft's own radar
altimeter as the altitude reference to ensure retraction of the external payload at a specific altitude.

The design is readily scalable to accommodate larger and/or heavier payloads and different aircraft configurations.